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word by word

Unusual for me I woke with a visually, audibly clear dream. In this dream I tried to create things by thinking and imagining, I tried to conjure up a page of writing, a pot of soup, a flower bed and each time the image would dissipate. Then in part two of the dream I began to actually construct what I wanted to create – shovel and mulch on my knees n the garden and flowers started showing themselves,  vegetables and chopping board and the scent of homemade soup wafted through the house, pen scratching across paper and I had a new poem. As soon as I started physically doing the imaginings became real.

I woke up ready to begin the blog I meant to start over a year ago, realizing I will have to figure it out by just doing it.  If I muse too long on something it dissipates – just like in the dream. The only way to write is word by word, phrase by phrase.

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