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I am having coca tea just off the plaza in Ollantaytambo . We have been traveling 5, or is it 6 days and therein lies my point. Time changes when you change your view of time , it is in the short run malleable and in the long run finite and in between we occupy its cris-crossing lines. In The World. Cafe the wifi is excellent and out the door the cobblestone street runs into a fortress constructed by the Inca in 1500 the giant stones fitted in such a way as to withstand earthquakes – though of course it wasn’t earthquakes that weakened the empire. Is all history a series of conquests? How does time expand or contract on stone and language symbols and stars. Dn if I know- though my first night in the Andes I woke from a dream in the quiet deep dark where sitting on a chair I was ascending towards the silver light of moon.

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