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I can see the first changes of colors in the trees. I started spotting single leaves two weeks ago, a drop of gold here, a reddish brown there but now, weeks before the turning there are swatches of actual colors towards the tops of some tress, the deeper greens hold just a hint of yellow.

 It seems we are always given a prelude, a hint, of what is to come – if we pay attention. Even though it’s predicted the temperature will climb all the way to 90 today the morning is cool and the bird song muted, calls and answers coming further apart. I imagine they are in their own way preparing for their leave-taking.

 In my writing I challenge myself to write 5,000 words this month. They do not have to be near a final draft form but they do need to be written down and organized in some way. It is time to stop loosing myself in the research and the possibilities of story and to get it down on paper. There will be opportunities for rewrites and revisions, for reordering for recognizing I have something I don’t need and am missing a passage or a chapter that is necessary. But for now if I am going to write this I better be writing it.

 We are still in the midst of the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The days of turning.  The leaves have begun, almost imperceptibly in their changing, and I too am turning, at the least changing the angle from which I am looking outwards, and seeing in.

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