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Changing Sights

The twilight lasts for hours, the slow fading light from east to west, the stars hazy at first get clearer, sharper in the dark, the fireflies are each a reminder of a different night in childhood’s summer. The notion of magic, no the actuality of magic is there if I take the moments to hold still enough.

The other day floating on the pond with a friend I looked up and caught sight at what I first thought, because of it’s apparent size and clarity, to be a crow but quickly realized  was a much smaller bird. I could see it’s clawed feet wrapped around the thinnest of braches at the very top of a tall tree. I could see each of the leaves on the branch.  When it lifted into flight i saw the red on its wings; a red winged blackbird.

This new range of sight- the ability to see in the distance but not up close – is slowly changing my perception of the world around me. What was far is now clear and what is close is blurred. What was dull and blurry is bright and defined.

Distance is no longer what it once was.

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