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Outside the day has turned to cold gray rain and spring rolled back to a late winter sky. But oh the light. the light against the tender April green.

it is NAPOWRIMO: National Poetry Writing Month and the challenge is a poem a day everyday of April. It is a joyful challenge, imbued with ease and release. Not that its easy per se but that its fun. Because every poem is just that – another poem for another day, a draft, a free write, an expression.

Visit where each day you’ll find a featured poet (one of our group is today’s poet), a poem in translation and a prompt. Try it out. Why not…I share each day’s poem with a group of writing friends. We respond to each other by echoing back a line or two from each other’s poem. No critique, no revisions just breathing out and breathing in words as the weather swirls and changes, moving closer toward the warmth that’s coming and the cold we thought we left behind.

Today’s prompt – write a bot a flower:

Lavender Somewhere there is a field of lavender undulating in the wind that descends with dusk. The soft musk of scent releases as the small flowers are crushed by the hooves of deer crossing wood to wood. Already the sky has turned a bruised mauve a violet hue, a red sun brushes the tree line everything is cloaked in light the disappearing deer, the lavender the tender green of newly leafed branches. Night darkens from the east even as the moon rises even as the stars appear.

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