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I stepped outside just before sunset to watch the graying sky, it had been raining on and off during most of this unseasonably warm day. I heard what sounded like mourning doves and trying to see them found instead a V of geese, flying true north.

 They didn’t land this year as they usually do. I’m not sure if they sighted that the pond was still frozen or if the coming dark pulled them on, but they passed quickly in perfect formation.  I don’t really believe winter has let loose its hold, it’s just a brief reprieve before the next drop down to cold.

 I grew up in a place of four seasons then left it for a long time, though I never quite got over missing the change into spring or fall. This year winter has been exceptionally well –  winter –neither the weather nor travel providing any respite.  But today looking up just before dark into that quick flight on this warm night I’m reminded that nothing stays much past it’s time of turning.

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