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Honoring the New Year

At sundown this evening Rosh Hashanah begins. Over the last five years I’ve given time in the preceding weeks to puzzling out how I want to celebrate the high holy days this time around. For over twenty years before this a group of friends always spent the holidays together, in one another’s homes sharing traditions and creating new ones.

I was trying to decide what to carry forward in to this year and what to set aside. How do I want to spend Rosh Hashanah, and at the close of the “days of awe” Yom Kippur? And then I realized a theme had already emerged. Friends called and asked if we would have dinner together for the new year. I had hesitated, deciding whether I wanted to go to services or not. I already had plans the following day to meet another friend. Then I stopped and thought about the next ten days; in the middle of the holidays we were driving to Chicago to spend the weekend with long time friends coming from New York. Then there was an invite to read poetry at one of my favorite local places, The Venue, and then I got a text from one of my oldest friends saying they were driving through on their way from Minnesota to the South and would be arriving Saturday.

So forget puzzling it out, sometimes, actually I venture more often than not, the answer in right there – we’ve only to pay attention.

I will spend this new year honoring friendships and community, weaving in time for reflection and meditation,  sharing food and wine missing those not with us and being grateful to those who are. I will stop often. I will try and be present. I will dip apples in honey and let the taste of wildflowers linger.

L’Shanah Tova …..a sweet new year to everyone.

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