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Sunday opened with sun and a range of possibilities; catch up on work, get a project done around the house, close the study door and revise. or get in the car and drive back roads in a chosen direction. We chose south east and headed out onto the curvy almost one lane roads that skirt Lake Monroe until we crossed the causeway. Then south and east and a sudden flat land of working farms and a rise onto the top of the ridge where for a moment it felt like we’d been transported to the Smoky Mountains and back again into the rolling creeks and hollers of southern Indiana.

A few days before my friend L had mentioned a place called Stone Head that had been turned into a wetland nature preserve. We were both surprised I didn’t know it as it was at a cross roads I passed often enough in the next county over. This was our sort of destination. We took the long way round to get there and when we arrived found to our surprise there was a celebration day for their new nonprofit status and we were just in time for a dragonfly walk.

We introduced ourselves around to the small group sitting by the house and I mentioned that my friend L had told me about the place, the response that she was here and would in fact be leading the dragonfly walk have me that wonderful tingle of synchronicity. I also mentioned that other friends used to live nearby and then were told they were there too. I hadn’t seen them in months. After hugs and catch up I was introduced to R we looked familiar to each other and we traced it back first to a friend in common then to realizing I had been at the wedding for that same friend at her house some 25 years before.

On the short walk out to the pond I spoke with one found friend and then another. At the pond we spotted 4 or 5 kinds of dragonflies and darning needles and watched them guard their territory and reflect the sunlight. It was so green in the midst of that field, so still and yet so full of movement. We scooped mud and found larvae and tadpoles and a tiny frog. The rise and fall of voices sharing stories became another part of the harmony. The afternoon filled with buzzes and chirps and silent flights, so many lives burgeoning at once.

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