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A little something on nothing

Today I have an overwhelming urge to do nothing. To sit and let the day pass by, the sky shift from pale cloudless blue to a morass of sunset pinks and slowly ,in these long evenings as we near summer solstice, so very slowly, into stars.

But doing nothing is a lot like listening for silence. As soon as you begin you realize the quiet is full of sound: a cardinal’s song, a woodpecker’s hammering, the splash of a turtle entering the pond, the breeze from the southwest rustling the tops of trees.

And at the bottom is breath. The inhale, the exhale, the passage between.

There is it seems no way of doing nothing, for at the very least I find myself listening and watching, And the more I observe, the more aware I am of my place in my surroundings. Sitting still has nothing to do with doing nothing, but may well be the best beginning to doing something.

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