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In the time of changing seasons

autumn morning

First fall morning frost and the water rises off the pond changing into air. Even though the trees are still mostly green there is a glow as if what warmth there was held in small globes lighting the day. Friends dread the coming cold, the lessening light, but I feel myself lifting, weightless as the water what I feel most as fall widens is expanse.

If I think of what I'll miss of summer it's the fireflies most of all, but this year so few came, it's really the summer dusks of my children's childhood that I miss, all those brilliant orbs of magic glistening the trees and lawn, As if the stars had come to alight on our hands.

Last night I went outside with the dogs as the moon came up over the trees. It was cold enough to need a jacket but light enough to step out and see the shadows of the still full trees. Enough of everything to straddle the changing seasons, to be in the midst of what is coming, even as the other is leaving.

I am glad to be in this time of change, It was a long, long not quite ever summer, I am ready to be set into the longer darkness where I can dream.

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