In The Time of Leaving

 A story of exile and resilience

Spain 1492

Esther and her daughters Chava and Sarah are part of a prominent family with close ties to the royal court. But then the Inquisition gains force and the Jewish community is ordered to convert or leave. There is only a short time to decide whether to relinquish their home and all they have known, or stay and forsake everything they believe.  

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Shana Ritter

Shana Ritter’s poetry and short stories have appeared in various journals and magazines including Lilith, Fifth Wednesday and Georgetown Review. Her chapbook, Stairs of Separation was published by Finishing Line Press. In the Time of Leaving, a novel of exile and resilience is set in late 15th century Spain and was published in 2019.  A Pushcart prize nominee Shana has been awarded the Indiana Individual Artist Grant on multiple occasions.  



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